things that say a lot about a person

  • their favourite character
  • the lyrics they write on their hands
  • the colours they wear
  • which murder weapon they prefer
  • how they make their tea
Artist: Attack on Titan OST
Track: Vogel im Käfig
If you repeatedly criticize someone for liking something you don’t, they won’t stop liking it. They’ll stop liking you.
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catamus-prime this is totally you all the way

"Later you dumb pup, I’ll be back for revenge!"


dude i’m gonna frickin hold your hand so hard it’s gonna blow your mind with how hecka rad my affection is


Pb wakes up at 3am like “shit i forgot to tie her down”
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i want to write the kind of short stories you read in english class that are on this weird level of surrealism that they still haunt you years down the road